Can you give this shaver the lifestyle he desires?

Gillette, Mach 3, Shaver -

Can you give this shaver the lifestyle he desires?

I'm selling this mighty Mach3 Turbo value pack.

Brand new and unopened, which includes 1 handle + 13 cartridge, German made.

I used Mach3 for many years and have tried other brands but eventually returned to this one. Because it simply gives me a lot of good shaves from each cartridge.

In return, I have been giving my shaver a lifestyle he desires - from my quiet home to our noisy office, from the 24h gym to the bar down the road, from a friend’s catch up to a serious Tinder dating...

I always took the shaver with me - He gives me not just a shaven clean, but a confidence to face challenges I encounter every day; He allows me to relax and reflect myself in front of a mirror; And he reminds me that I should enjoy every moment, as life is just too short for him as well as for us.

So I really want this mighty shaver can go with someone who can give him the lifestyle he desires. 

Selling it for $34.99 plus $5 courier to your door (nationwide non rural address)

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