Lynx Deodorant Bodyspray You 100g

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Lynx Deodorant Bodyspray You 100g. LYNX YOU Body spray, a modern masculine fragrance that embraces the unique special something in you. This classic fragrance is designed to keep you cool no matter where the heat?€?s coming from. Our body sprays are designed to give you confidence. All day long. So you can forget about odour and focus on what really matters. And that?€?s you being, well, you. To get the most from your product, shake the can well and hold 15cm away from skin. Spray on key areas of the body - underarms and upper body for great protection from style threatening odour to feel fresh and confident. 100gBodyspray DeodorantStay smelling great. All dayA modern, fresh masculine scentA modern, fresh masculine fragrance that helps to embrace the unique something in you