Bondi Sands Shimmer One Day

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Instant colour: Shimmering formulation to highlight. Water resistant. Suitable for face and body. Easy wash off with soap and warm Water. Description For that lit from within glow GLO SHIMMER ONE DAY TAN is infused with innovative light reflecting particles to highlight giving a glistening bronzed finish. Buffed across the collarbone cheekbones eyelids and beyond GLO Shimmer enhances skin’s natural radiance. Alternatively mix with foundation to own a truly customisable glow that provides a delicate sheen to skin. Usage Instructions STEP 01 APPLY MOISTURISER. STEP 02 FOR AN INSTANT TOUCH OF RADIANCE AND COLOUR MIX SHIMMER ONE DAY TAN TO YOUR FOUNDATION. BUFF GENTLY ONTO SKIN WITH FOUNDATION BRUSH. STEP 03 SCULPT THE CONTOURS OF YOUR FACE WITH MATTE ONE DAY TAN. APPLY DOWN BRIDGE OF NOSE UNDER CHEEKBONES AROUND TEMPLES AND JAWLINE. STEP 04 HIGHLIGHT CHEEKBONES WITH SHIMMER ONE DAY TAN FOR A TOUCH OF DAYTIME GLAMOUR. STEP 05 ADD A LIGHT DUSTING OF LOOSE POWDER TO SET FOLLOWED BY BLUSH. STEP 06 FINISH WITH 2 COATS OF MASCARA FILL IN BROWS AND SOFT PINK LIPS. STEP 07 COMPLETE THE LOOK BY APPLYING SHIMMER ONE DAY TAN TO BODY FOR A GLISTENING BRONZED FINISH.