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WHY WE LOVE IT: You glue, girl! It's long lasting eyelash glue that locks on false eyelashes for 48 hours*! This waterproof, latex-free lash glue dries clear in seconds and is easy to remove it's a dream come GLUE! *instrumental test on 20 women HOW TO APPLY: Set it and forget it! Apply a small amount of eyelash glue on band of false eyelash. Wait 20-30 seconds until tacky. Position along natural lash line and hold until glue sets. To remove false lashes and glue, dampen a cotton pad with oil-based remover. Gently press the cotton pad onto the base of your lash line for several seconds then carefully remove the false lashes. BEAUTY TIP: Cover your tracks Use They're Real Push-up Liner after lash application for added drama. Long lasting eyelash glueWater-proof & latex-freeDries quicklyInvisible finishEasy to remove 48 hour*, latex-free lash glue *instrumental test on 20 women